What are the standard conditions for PCBA board inspection?


1. PCBA board inspection standards: 1. Serious shortcomings (expressed in CR): Any shortcoming that can cause harm to the human body or the machine or endanger life safety, such as: safety compliance/burning/electric shock, etc. 2. Main shortcomings (indicated by MA): The shortcomings that may cause damage to the product, abnormal functions, or affect the service life of the product due to materials. 3. Minor shortcomings (indicated by MI): does not affect product function and service life, some defects in appearance and minor defects or differences in mechanical assembly. PCBA board inspection conditions: 1. In order to prevent the contamination of parts or components, you must choose gloves or finger cots with EOS/ESD full protection function and wear electrostatic rings for operation. The light source is a white fluorescent lamp, and the light intensity must be above 100 Lux for 10 seconds. The inside is clearly visible. 2. Inspection method: Place the product to be inspected about 40cm away from the eyes, 45o up, down, left, and right, and inspect it visually or with a three-fold magnifying glass. 3. Inspection criteria: (Sampling according to QS9000 C=0 AQL=0.4% sampling level; if the customer has special requirements, it shall be determined according to customer acceptance standards) 4. Sampling plan: MIL-STD-105E LEVEL Ⅱ Sub-sampling 5. Judgment criteria: serious shortcoming (CR) AQL 0% 6, major shortcoming (MA) AQL 0.4% 7, minor shortcoming (MI) AQL 0.65%