Recruitment:Sales Manager

Work area:jiangyin

Department:Sales Department

Operating hours:9.00-16.30

Nature of the work:Full-time

Academic requirements:Junior college or above

Work experience:One year or above related work

Detailed requirements

1, Automation Industry Sales Work Background has a certain host plant resources 

2, strain ability, strong expression ability, work seriously responsible, proactive, strong communication skills and communication skills, a good affinity and good sense of customer service; 

3, a Team Spirit, good challenge; 

4, tracking and maintenance of the company's existing customers, actively communicate with customers, collect customer needs and feedback, participate in business negotiations, contract signing; 

5, strengthen the communication between the customer and the plant department, do a good job of Customer satisfaction and timely handling of customer complaints, improve customer service, improve the relationship between manufacturers; 

6, to travel, customer entertainment

Recruitment: Technical Engineer

Work area


Operating hours

Nature of the work

Academic requirements

Work experience

Detailed requirements


1, Automation Product Selection, installation, debugging, programming and other work; 

2, Servo Motor and PLC industrial control electronic products on-site debugging and After-sales Service .

3, provide telephone technical support, provide technical training to customers, make training courseware for customers, and provide training to customers. Technical Support, Automation Control System, factory automation, pLC, frequency converter, Motion Control and other experience; 6, proactive, outgoing, pressure-resistant, willing to accept the challenge. 

Job Requirements:

 1, full-time college degree or above, major in Automation;

 2, pre-sales Technical Support and system design, after-sales Technical Services;

 3, responsible for the equipment suppliers, system suppliers, spare parts suppliers technical contact, obtain technical support; 

4, familiar with c/c + + , c # and other programming languages, master data structure. Labview, Ni Vision .

5, other work required by leadership.